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The Amara Lake

The Amara resort is situated in the Central Baragan Field, in the Valey of river Ialomita, on the north – west bank of the lake Amara, 7 km away from Slobozia, at the altitude of 30 meters.
The lake Amara is the main touristic attraction and the main therapeutic natural factor in the Amara resort. It is a natural lake, a former river retreat, situated in the valley of Crivaia, the old channel of the river Ialomita, which does not connect to the river itself anymore. The lake is of the “S” shape, and it lies on 130 hectares, and it is 4 meters deep and its banks are abrupt.

It is a protected area, corresponding to the 4th category of IUCN, it is a natural reservation, with many species of birds and fish. The site houses many species of birds protected by law, 10 species of birds that are encountered in the lake area need special care to preserve: the small tuft, the grey aigrette, the white stork, the summer swam, the harrier, the tern; 30 species of birds that need strict protection: the small duck, the big grebe, the spear duck, the silver seagull, the grey seagull, the tern, the redbreast, the green finch; and 14 species of birds of community interest.

From the biogeographical point of view, the lake belongs to the subzone of natural vegetation of the steppe, much changed in the present due to the agriculture and anthropic meadows.

Recreation and treatment

Few people know that the Amara Lake has healing powers. The scientist Petru Poni is the one who discovered the miraculous powers of the lake and thousands of people have been coming here to treat themselves since then.
The scientist Petru Poni testes the powers of the lake and discovered that it contains a series of chemical substances good for the human body.
In his researches about the lake he noted that “the water is colourless, opalescent, very salty, and bitter at the same time, and it smells like hydrogen sulphide.
From the analysis of its quality, the water contains: silicic acid, carbonic acid, sulfuric acid, boric acid, chlorine, sodium, potassium, and lithium little, magnesium, calcium, iron, organic matter ".
Petru Poni is the one who discovered the value "secret ingredient" that hides the bottom: mud. The mud has enough minerals to help the body get rid of pain. The treatment is indicated in dermatological, respiratory, renal, endocrine, digestive, musculoskeletal rheumatic, degenerative articular processes, or post-traumatic orthopedic diseases, gynecological diseases, nerve disorders, such as paralysis or some paralysis.
Access to the area can be made from Slobozia on DN2C.

Summer tourist destination

The miraculous water and the therapeutic mud, turned Amara Lake into an ideal recreational area. Since the early 20th century, spa resort was built on the river bank which is still open nowadays.
Installations for warm baths in tubs and pools with water from the lake, installations for warm baths and mud, arrangements for anointed with cold mud followed by bathing in the lake, pump rooms for internal cure with mineral water, complex installations for hydro and electrotherapies, physiotherapy and massage rooms for medical facilities for aero heliotherapy.
Tourists who arrive at Amara have four beaches at their disposal – The Pearl, UGSR, Splendid and Mirceşti. Under the management of private companies, one can enter the beaches paying a fee ranging between 5 and 10 lei.








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